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Private Label Performance Diesel Gauges

Marshall Instruments specializes in OEM and private label diesel performance gauges for your Cummins diesel, Power Stroke diesel, and Duramax powered diesel.

Why Use Diesel Gauges?
Monitor critical diesel performance parameters with Marshall performance diesel gauges. Heat is the enemy of your diesel drive train. Failure of parts can often be traced to overheating. By monitoring and keeping parameters within recommended limits, you will lengthen your engine life and optimize performance.

Diesel Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Pyrometer
This diesel pyrometer or EGT is the most important gauge for your turbo diesel. It will be the first warning of an engine that is running too hot. You should mount the EGT probe (Type K Thermocouple) in the exhaust manifold before the turbo.

It is recommended that you keep your exhaust gas temperature below 1,250 degrees Fahrenheit whenever possible. Cooler temperatures lengthen engine life and lower fuel consumption.

Diesel Transmission Temperature Gauge
Keep an eye on transmission temperatures with a Marshall diesel transmission temperature gauge. It is recommended not to run your transmission hotter than 220F for an extended period of time. If your transmission temperatures is always 200F or higher then you should consider installing an auxiliary transmission cooler with a temperature-actuated electric fan.

Diesel Boost Pressure Gauge
Boost directly affects the amount of power you get from your diesel engine. Install a high-quality Marshall boost gauge and you'll know if you are getting optimal boost and power.

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