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Diaphragm Gauges

Diaphragm Gauges Marsh Pressure Gauges from MARSH

Technical Documents
Technical Documents
Marsh Diaphragm Gauges (PDF)
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Diaphragm Gauges

Marsh Instruments Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges are universally known for their dependable performance and accuracy. Incorporating a unique design feature, the diaphragm element in this gauge allows accurate low pressure readings in a variety of applications. Featuring a bronze diaphragm element, the gauge is capable of ASME Grade A- 1% accuracy for ranges above 30" of water. Ranges are available in vacuum and pressure in inches of water, ounces per square inch and millimeters of mercury.

Typical applications include HVAC systems and low pressure gas burner systems.

  • Accuracy: For ranges 30" H2O & above: ASME Grade A = ± 2/1/2 (±1% of range across middle half of scale).
    For ranges 30" below H2O: ± 3/1/3 (±1% of range across middle half of scale)
  • Case Size: 2½", 3½", 4½" diameter
  • Case Material: Steel, black painted
  • Case Style:
    CB — Central Back Mount
    FF — Three-holed Front Flanged Mount
    LM — Lower Mount
    UC — U-Clamp Mount
  • Diaphragm & Socket: Phosphor bronze diaphragm soft-soldered to brass socket
  • Movement: Brass sector and pinion
  • Connections: ¹/8" & ¼" NPT
  • Dial Standard: Dual scale with kPa
    Triple scale: oz/in², H20 & kPa
  • Dial Color: Black markings on white
  • Pointer: Aluminum, black painted
  • Window: 2½" & 3½": Acrylic Twist-on clearlok
    4½": Flat acrylic window with steel friction ring
  • Restrictor: 0.013" standard. No restrictor on 0 to 10" H2O range

Marsh Pressure Gauges
Rev. 2/27/2014

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