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My Comp II LED Gauge Light Doesn't Work, What's Wrong?

Each Comp II (C2) snap-in bulb and socket is checked for correct operation before it is packaged so the problem is most likely incorrect wiring, loose bulb, or the bulb is installed backwards (applies to LED bulbs).

Make sure the white wire lead is connected to a 12VDC+ supply (verify voltage with a multimeter). The black wire lead should be connected to Ground.

Verify the Bulb Clips Are Properly Aligned
There is a brass clip on the end of each wire that attaches to the bulb. Verify that the clips are positioned correctly inside the socket. The open part of each clip should point towards the center of the socket. The sides of each clip should be spaced such that the bulb base can be inserted and make good contact with the clip.

Adjust the Bulb Clips
If necessary you can remove the two wires from the socket (pull wire and clip back through the socket) to adjust the clips as necessary. Reinstall the wires back into the socket from the front and verify the clips are oriented such that the clip opening is facing the center of the socket and that the clips have enough space to allow bulb insertion.

Reinstall the bulb. When reinstalling the bulb hold the two wires firmly at the base of the socket to ensure that the bulb makes good contact with the clips.

Verify Bulb Polarity (LED Bulbs)
The LED bulbs are polarity sensitive. If the LED bulb is installed backwards it will not work. If your bulb does not light, remove the bulb, rotate 180 degrees and reinstall the bulb.

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