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Tridicators (Pressure & Temperature), Boiler Gauges

Tridicators measure both pressure and temperature in one compact unit. Convenient measurement of both temperature and pressure used in water heating systems, boilers, pools, and spa's.

These Tridicators (Boiler Gauges) are designed and suitable for hot water heating systems. These instruments indicate pressure in psi and altitude for pools and spa's in feet of water; in ºF and ºC. All models feature a set hand for setting the desired pressure and altitude of the installation.

Marshall Instruments sells tridicators with the following features:

  • Pressure Accuracy ± 2/1/2%
  • Temperature Accuracy ± 1%
  • Dial Sizes 2½" Round and 3½" Square
  • Pressure Ranges from 0 to 680 Ft. H2O
  • Temperature Ranges from 60º to 260º F
  • Black Painted Steel Case

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